Everything has an end

According to the water resources law, water production systems must be dismantled. Those listed in the DVGW worksheet W 135 methods and services are planned, offered and carrie out by us. The aim is to fill the subsurface in layers.

In cases where the well constructions (jaket -, full pipes and filter tubes) is not removed, we are technically able to perforate them and thus ensuring the manufacture of the seal safely. We also remove the above-ground structures.

Know how.

Your partner.

We assess the geological situation and then create a dismanting concept in coordination with the responsible water authotity.

Over-dilling with and without pipe cut, as well as the backfilling or partial backfilling of the well, the removal of the expansion piping, the annuls seal through perforation of the top tube, pressing over the filter section and the dismantling of final structures are our measures.

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